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Solitude in Blue


"He must have carried her here in his arms. As if he were putting a child to bed."

Melbourne 1930.
A murderer is lurking the streets. The strangled bodies of young girls are piling up in the laneways of suburbia, casting a shadow over the sun-bleached days of summer.

In the heat of the city, Molly Dean barges into painter Colin Colahan’s life and seduces him with her words. She is determined to leave behind her dingy suburban roots and become a ‘bohemian’ writer. Colin is enchanted by this fiery creature who drags him away from his elite artistic circle and forces him to paint with his heart instead of his head.

Molly is struggling to find a subject for her book until she stumbles on a crime scene. As the murders escalate, she follows a trail of blood to each site. She breathes life into the ghosts of the victims, tastes the last words on their breath and fixates on their silencing. Propelled by her macabre thoughts, Colin and Molly’s lives are forever changed. Their difference brought them together and ultimately will tear them apart.


Based on a handful of faded newspaper cuttings, Solitude in Blue paints a unique portrait of two people struggling to find themselves and their artistic voices. In Mol, Colin finds the spark he has lost, In Col, Molly finds the key to her dreams. In each other they find obsession, anger and finally despair.

"SOLITUDE IN BLUE is soused in intensity and passion. The passion of a young woman, of an esteemed Australian painter and the writer-director inspired to depict the true story of Molly Dean - a guffawing, rasp-voiced femme fatale, a ruby- lipped hurricane desperate to find her way out of a grimy, poor life. Director Melita Rowston has written a delicious, evocative and sassy play…  It is a feisty paean to her spirit, resilience and thirst for knowledge." Sydney Morning Herald



Writer/Director: Melita Rowston
Starring: Martelle Hammer & Jared Turner
Design: Anna Ilic
Lighting: Allan Hirons
Composer: Kent Rowston

Dramaturg: Donna Abela

Presented by glasstheatre as part of Griffin Theatre Company’s Stablemates
December, 2002

This project received dramaturgical support from Playworks - National Centre for Women Performance Writers and the ANPC

Solitude in Blue was first developed at PACT Theatre and performed in 1999, starring Costa Latsos and Veronica Bolzon

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