Photography c. Ian Barry


"Poison. I saw her top glitter ‘Poison’. Then she turned and walked away.
The moon, it went behind a cloud. The darkness, it kind of swallowed her."

On December 12, 1988, ‘Sunny Girl’ Susie turned sweet sixteen. Her boyfriend Jason, gave her a Poison t-shirt, her best friend, Kelly, gave her a name necklace and Kelly’s boyfriend, Dazza, gave her a handful of pills. That night Susie Greene disappeared. Her body and kidnapper were never found.

Twenty-two years later, the blood splattered t-shirt of the missing schoolgirl is unearthed from the Australian scrub and her best friend Kelly is reluctantly drawn back to her childhood home. Together with Dazza and Jason, once the most important men in her life, Kelly faces the bleakest of high school reunions. As the police dig deeper, Susie’s classmates are forced to confront memories of a night they’d hoped to leave buried in their adolescence forever.


An acerbic and fast-paced Gen X tale, a murder mystery/who-dunnit, revelling in the current 80‘s retro zeitgeist, Crushed explores the sinister violence that lurks beneath the sun-bleached facade of our ‘she’ll be right’ culture.



Writer: Melita Rowston

Director:   Lucinda Gleeson  

Producer:   Jennifer Campbell
Cast:  Sean Barker, Lucy Miller & Jeremy Waters
Designer:  Eliza McLean

Lighting Designer:  Richard Whitehouse  

Sound Designer:  Shane Choi
Stage Manager/Operator:  Victor Areces Dramaturg: Erin Thomas

Photographer:  Ian Barry

The New Theatre, Spare Room, May, 2012

Chester Productions

This project was a Queen Street Studios Performing Arts residency in 2012 and a Queen Street Studios Off the Shelf residency in 2010.

"One of the funniest shows I've seen. ​CRUSHED is as much a blast from the [80s] past for its characters as it is for the audience ... welcome to the mother of all high-school reunions!" Time Out


"A bold and emphatic production of a very polished play, CRUSHED is a provocative and poignant entertainment" Sydney Arts Guide


"CRUSHED is all about the characters ... they are infinitely engaging, wonderfully developed and sensitively portrayed" Australian Stage

“[The characters are] drawn vividly by both writer and actors. You know them. You can laugh at them. With them. You can feel for them. You can judge them. And, if you’re really, really honest, you can recall things you’d rather forget, too" Curtain Call, Crikey